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awe○i net profit up 2

n◆ 2017Huawei net■ profit up 28 pe○rcent in 201703-30-2●018 17:21 BJTThe ●strong profit growth●, compared ◆with 0.4 per○cent in 201◆6, was driven by◆ buoyant cons●umer and enterprise ●sales and lowe○r costs due 〓to improved manage〓ment, said Meng ○Wanzhou, Huawe■i CFO.Huawei's■ high-end mobile p○hones made up a 8.4◆-percent share of th◆e global market in 2●017, 5 perc

8 ○percent in 201●7H

ent〓age points ■higher than i○n 2016, which boost■ed profitability,■ Meng said.During ◆the past 10● years, Huawei has s●pent 394 billion yua◆n in resea●rch and develop●ment, includ◆ing 89.7 bill●ion yuan last year."〓We still face grav■e technological ch●allenges," said Hu H〓oukun, Huawei's r◆otating chair◆man. He sa■id the company〓 is good a■t innovating■ products,○ but needs catch ●up in terms of f■u

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